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Post by KevR »

Right, here's the list of oil filter equivalents for the original (larger) fitment, which was originally listed for all BXs except early BX14 (to june 1988) as well as for early Xantias and many CXs. Taken from a 1996 Purflux catalogue so some refs may be out of date, but might be handy when looking at old stock at an autojumble or ebay.
Might be worth a mod cutting and pasting this into a new thread in the Tech FAQ? Then if it gets added to, it's easier to find.
  • Purflux LS 468A
    Champion F104
    Ford 5011788 (probably others too)
    Lautrette EL H4104
    Crosland 2031
    Fram PH 4703
    Mann W815
    Motorcraft EFL 273
    Peugeot 110951/110967/110968 and others
    Purolator L14619/L17620
    Bosch 0451103089
    Citroen 95580482
    Citroen 95580483
    Citroen 93516538
    Citroen 95495621
    Citroen 95495622
    Citroen 95495894
The only refs I have for the later version so far are:
  • Purflux LS867B
    Mahle OC31
Anyone got any more? Can we do something similar with fuel and air filters, and any other parts which are likely to be shared across models?
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Re: Part Number Cross References

Post by Slagtrooper »

I know it's an old topic, but one thing that helps me is the or sites.

Using the parts catalog and in the search field "Citroen xxxxxxxxx" (X being the numbers) it give what makes use that part. Normally Pug and Citroen, but there are some parts that other makes use too.
Like the GTi 8V pressure regulator, it's the same used by FIAT Uno Turbo 1.4 Mk1

Cross references helps specially when you can't find the oem parts and in places where BX and its parts became rare.
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Re: Part Number Cross References

Post by Vanny »

As a side note,

Purflux LS 468A is not the correct filter for a BX16v, all though it is physically the same on the outside, it apparently has a lower flow rate.

Citroen list the correct filter for a BX16v as

1109 AP - Purflux - LS867 B (was part no N3 1109)
1109 AP - MANN W 712/8 (was 1109 J9)

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Re: Part Number Cross References

Post by MULLEY »

Cheers Vanny, that was just the info which i was after :) I presume they can still be purchased from citroen?
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