MI-16 performance improvements?

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MI-16 performance improvements?

Post by Leobx16v »

towards the end of this year im gonna give me baby a rebuild and im thinking of swirling the ports and chipping it, does anyone know what horsepower figures i can see from doing that?
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Post by docchevron »

swirling the ports will give you very little, if anything, infact, get it wrong and you can expect a decrease in power.
Depends what chip you go for really, with bespoke stuff, you could *maybe* see 20BHP, some claim much more, but a chip alone without some camming will give little really.
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Post by christhelion »

On the 16valve forum there's plenty of info on there.
Look up my mate Simran on there. his valver makes 166bhp on the dyno and it's only because the injectors were at 100% duty cycle from 4,000rpm upwards. the dyno operator said he should expect 175bhp ish with higher flowing injectors.

That's got a Megasquirt programmable ECU, Suzuki GSXR750 throttle bodies... I really think that's it.
That's all from a motor with a lot of miles on it too.
It was a lot of work I think though.
look up cbx16v on youtube.
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Post by Kitch »

It\'s a pretty good engine in standard tune, so it\'s difficult to extract decent power without spending silly money.

Don\'t touch the ports, you\'ll ruin them like Doc said. I believe bigger valves are a good way to go, if you really have to touch the head. Could also skim it slightly, but if your\'s is a 2-row ECU car with no knock sensor, it\'ll probably be bloody unhappy unless you run it on the expensive fuel.

Mine\'s chipped, which as far as I can tell so far leans it out more when you rag it. So I\'m on the brink of detonation most of the time! Also raises the rev limiter to 7800rpm, which it won\'t pull to. Mind you, its a copy-cat Peugeot Sport map and so it does seem to pull better. It\'s a very top-endy car though.

Otherwise a cone air filter has improved the 3 cars I\'ve fitted one to. It\'s all about trying to get more air in, as high airflow is what gives the engine good power to start with. Don\'t go for a bigger throttle body though....in my opinion my car was slower and less responsive with one fitted.

Basically unless you want to spend big bucks on ITB\'s and stand alone management etc, you\'re not going to achieve much. That\'s the reason I\'m happy to leave mine as it is. You don\'t come across much on a daily basis that can outsprint it!
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Post by MULLEY »

Turbo charging is probably the way to go, 240bhp i believe? Or perhaps the cheapest alternative would be to use NOS :shock: :lol: I'd love to run that on my n/a diesel :lol:
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Post by NZ16v »

one thing better than owning a 16v-owning TWO 16vs