How to remove the rear quarter panel windows?

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How to remove the rear quarter panel windows?

Post by adamskibx »

Ive noticed the one bit of my TRS that is much better than the GT is the plastic rear window on the back pillar. I remeber someone saying they are glued on. Does anyone know how to remove them? I started to remove the TRS one and a very small crack started, but before I do anymore damage, they are still much better than the ones on the GT that look like someone has driven through a bramble bush at 100 MPH:-)

Cheers, Adam

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Post by DavidRutherford »

"glued" on is a bit of an understatement. They're bonded on with something very similar to windscreen sealant. Removing them will be a similar procedure to windscreen removal, and I think the line of sealant is fairly "inboard" of the outer edges, meaning the sealant will have to be cut from the inside...

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tim leech

Post by tim leech »

My TZD has cracks down both windows, but the windowns themselves arent worn, I think the later ones were made of different materials. I managed to purchase 2 brand new ones from ken newbold so when the weather gets better I intend to change mine too.

I think I will getin side the car and push them out, doesnt matter if they break as I have new ones! Failing that I will have to strip down the d posts from the inside. :cry:

Adam if u find a easy way to swop them let me know matey!

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Post by (CZ)enda »

I was getting the plastic window from a scrappie. They sawed it off the donor with... :roll:
I do not know the proper English (nor Czech, I am afraid :shock:) word for this, it is a piece of flexible wire with carbide grains on it, it is used for cutting ceramic tiles etc.
I tore the old one off after poking around with Stanley knife, then using brutal force. It broke, of course.
I then glued the "new" one with generous amounts of transparent bathroom silicone.
It works OK, no leaks - and as the silicone is transparent, it also does not look bodgered.

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Post by DLM »

Thank you (CZ)enda - you have made my day with your new word!
Almost all the plastic sections on the BX are difficult to remove - in particular the roof trims. When I tried to remove one from a scrapper I bodgered it in a very short space of time!

The one exception seems to be the plastic protectors for the leading edge of the rear wheel arch. With care, these can be removed whole, as they are held in place with double-sided rubberised adhesive pads. However, I had to break several to find this out.....
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Post by adamskibx »

Cheers guys. Ill experiment with the TRS ones then and get some clear silicone sealant if successful. Not exactly a priority at the moment though as I have engines to swap first :shock:


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Post by adamskibx »

I tried to get these windows off the TRS the other day; I got all the bottom edge off sucesfully then got to the back corner bit and it snapped :( Will have to buy new ones now I think, or use the "carbide" cutting wire idea; anyone know where I could get this from? I would obviosly have to track another car down in a scrappy for the right hand side one as I broke the one I have. Alternatively, could I perhaps sand down the window and then go over it with a heat gun? I know that you can very quickly and easily restore BX textured bumpers that have faded this way btw. Ive managed to get all the crap off the windows (looks like there was once a sticker on there with stripes that stopped where the actual small transparent bit is (in the shape of what you can see from the inside if you know what I mean)

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Post by AlanS »

That wire has a funny name (like 'fairy wire' or something like that) :roll: and is like piano wire with an abrasive finish and a handle on each end so you don't accidentally saw a finger off. :shock: :oops:
I think you'll find the right stuff to restick it is called "Sikaflex" which is a sealant/adhesive which is used on bodywork as well as windows particularly in areas where glass and panels help make up part of the structural integrity of the panel which is why it's such a ******** to remove.

Alan S :wink:
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Post by Bluey1978 »

IF the adhesive holding the windows in, is silicone based, you can purchase a 'Silicone Eater' which works the same way, it comes in a tube which fits into a piping gun and you just smear it on and wait a few minutes, it is designed to disolve the waterproof silicone used in bathrooms, but I have used it on just about every type of flexible silicone I can think of, including the builders silicone that they put round UPVC windows & doors.

These tubes are readily available from places like screwfix or DIY centres, some like Homebase & B&Q do their own brand.

Hope this post helps.
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