DfT/DVLA vehicle licensing statistics - April 2011

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DfT/DVLA vehicle licensing statistics - April 2011

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I don't think my post on CCC has been picked up here yet, so as a registered user who doesn't pop in much, thought I might pop in briefly with a bit of cut 'n' paste...

From the Department for Transport website HERE

I've extracted some of the Citroen* data from the vehicles currently licenced data set (up to Q4 of 2010) and the corresponding SORN data set. Here are the two links:

Open Office (.ods) version

Excel file (.xls) version

*Models covered by my extracts: 2CV / Dyane / Ami / AX / BX / CX / DS / ID / GS / GSA / LNA / SM / Visa / C15 / Xantia / XM / ZX / Model Missing (I left out the newer stuff, but if you really want to know, then look at the original files on the DfT website :wink: )

You can discuss until the cows come home the accuracy of the data, but it's a rough guide at any rate.

Please feel free to cut 'n' paste this post over to the relevant sections here or to any other Citroen forum that might be interested.


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Very interesting reading, only slightly more BXies on the road than off!

Thanks for sharing the compilation!

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Tizze dees, common as muck :lol:
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Defender110 wrote:Tizze dees, common as muck :lol:
My thoughts exactly! Loads of em.

Can anyone identify specifically any of the single car entries?