Noticeable Absence

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Noticeable Absence

Post by Tim Leech »

Ive noticed richard1162 hasnt been on the forum as of late, if you are reading this Richard, did you managed to get rid of all your cars? Hope none of the older ones got scrapped!
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Post by mds141 »

I spoke to Richard at Wetherby. Reason he was selling the fleet was to fund a buying expedition to France. GS'S ,CX'S & DS'S were on the shopping list. Perhaps the Gendermarie were none too pleased about their cars heading across Le'Manche and Richard is residing in the Bastille!
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Post by richardd1652 »

Hi all, sorry ive not been on for a while but family issues have been the cause of my absense. My Mother in law has been in isolated intensive care after her Stem cell treatment to hopefully cure her Cancer. Havnt managed to get accross the water either to pick anything up over in Francais as ive been needed to be look after the kids alot with the missus getting over to the hospital once she was allowed to visit.
Hope to see you all at the national on Sunday.
Anything exciting been happening?
Regards Richard.