Carpet, Black, Front, wanted

Buy or sell parts etc. Please put 'Wanted' in the title if it is a request for parts.
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Carpet, Black, Front, wanted

Post by Jaba »

Anyone got a front carpet as mine is soaked in LHM.
Not sure how it happened as I have only just discovered that the carpet is soaked and there are deffo no leaks into the car, although the doseur return hose was leaking a lot a few years back.

Its the one that stretches from one footwell to the other.
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Post by toddao »

That's quite a strange incident. Are you sure it isn't the heater matrix quietly weeping away? It can leak unseen down the back of the dash.

Another problem is that any 'oily' deposit into the carpet will soak into the insulation which then provides a sponge which is almost impossible to dry out again.

I'm really racking my brain thinking how LHM could get in there because even if the doseur return was leaking, how would it travel through the bulkhead?

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Post by sdelasal »

could it be leaking from the 'storage bins' where the washer bottles are? I had an LHM leak from a spare bottle I keep in there - if there is rust, it could perhaps end up in the footwell ....although leaking oil would stop any further rusting ;-)

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Post by Leobx16v »

i have a carpet in good condition also have more items if needed i have made a thread under 16v interior...
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