Some bits for sale

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Some bits for sale

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Remy from Medway Citroen here, sadly most of our BX stock, including both scrap cars have now gone, but we do still have some old new stock for sale.

O/S headlight 20 pounds.

N/S manual control mirror (series 2) 20 pounds

One BX estate front sphere (1987 onwards)
- part number 96024568 - 10 pounds (as its a lonely one with out a mate)

A pair of BX estate rear spheres -part number 95606143- 40 pounds

A pair of BX (not gti or sport) rear spheres -part number 95564974- 40 pounds

Got some used bits still up in the used stores, mk1 switches, tail lights, front bumper and used headlights (I think).

Posting can be arranged for all these bits, our usual courier is about 11.50 for most things, or picked up from Chatham.