BX 19TXD diesel 1998 For Sale in Truro Cornwall

Buy or sell parts etc. Please put 'Wanted' in the title if it is a request for parts.
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BX 19TXD diesel 1998 For Sale in Truro Cornwall

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BX19 TXD non-turbo diesel 1998. Grey (Metallic Black) £200

Very reluctant sale. My partner insisted I buy a smarter car!!! So, now I have another French car. I have to sell as spares or repair although it is roadworthy and is just out of MOT. The reason for this is, that the 3 pipe hydraulic return junction is leaking and needs replacing; 2 new junctions come with the car (they cost me £5 each). (Was on eBay with some MOT left, but buyer didn't turn up!!!) I'm getting too old to crawl underneath anymore. To drive away, you would need to top up the hydraulic oil.

Good and bad.

Good: fitted within the last few months: a new alternator - new starter - new tyre - 2 new rear spheres, (front spheres fitted last year) - new clutch cable; a spare new cable comes with the car. 4 good tyres (spare useless). Although the car has done a lot of miles (233,000) the engine still regularly passes emission tests and uses no oil. The upholstery is in excellent condition. The radio works fine. Tow bar fitted but it means spare has to go in boot. There are quick fit roof bars if needed. As BX owners will know, probably one of the most comfortable cars on the road. RR use the same spheres.

Bad: A few cosmetic things such as rear bumper silver trim missing - a slight ding in rear passenger door - central locking has to be done from passenger door side - a few scrapes as befits a car of this mileage but nothing drastic - nearside rear corner of boot floor rusted through but doesn't affect MOT. Rev counter not working since new clutch last year - think someone forgot to re-connect cable on bell housing. I seem to remember that the fuel gage was becoming intermittent.

Photos available, but don't know how to load them: can send via email.

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WOW a 1998 BX! Get them pics uploaded, let's be seeing it! :shock: