New here but not new to bx's??

Anything about BXs
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New here but not new to bx's??

Post by Djr88 »

I've been thinking about getting myself a bx lately so i thought i should sign up on here!!
i'd like a tzd and dont mind a bit of work aslong as its mechanichally good..
My father used to have bx's years ago and i did thousands of miles in them, and i had a xantia td myself for a few years..
how much is a tzd gonna cost me in half decent nick??

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Post by Philip Chidlow »

Welcome to the Club. You couldn't find a better place to visit if you are contemplating a BX. What an excellent choice :)

Recently a very decent TZD turbo estate fetched just over a grand, but by the look of it that BX was in uncommonly good condition. However, I reckon a budget of £600 should secure you a good example which shouldn't need too much work over and above the usual service items. But turbo diesel BX prices are going up...
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