Ignition Barrel

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Ignition Barrel

Post by kiwi »

Had a failure to be able to fit key in the TXD yesterday.

Basically the key wont go into the barrel far enough to engage and release the steering lock! Yes I did check it was the right key. In fact once the AA figured the problem we went back to my house to get the spare to no avail. Before the AA conceeded what I tld them in the first place the vehicle needed recovering by my local AA agent, who eneded up doing the job, because the other one did not have a flatbed to hoist it.
3 hours to get 21kms :roll:

So I removed the entire steering column and switched it with the column from the TRS!

The question is how the heck do I get the barrel out of the steering column when the key wont go in far enough to release the small lug thats holding it in place?

Short of drilling it out is there some non destructive method that could use?

Next question once got that out my plan is to put the column back in the TRS minus the barrel (if it can not be fixed), then find which wires need to be spliced into a touch starter switch. hotwiring!
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Post by Mothman »

Depends if you want to save the barrel, if not its not a difficult job to remove it.
I had zackly the same problem a couple of years ago and it took me about 3 minutes to remove it after taking off all the plastic around the steering column. I inserted a small screwdriver in line with the button and a few sharp taps with a hammer and the button was depressed from the inside of the tube and the whole thing popped out. Ok, i have a different key to start the motor but thats not a problem for me. Worth disconnecting the batt though as its possible to short out the ignition electrics and set the motor on fire if you dont. I have heard that the removal of the ignition barrel is a bastard of a job, guess i was lucky. Feebay provided the new barrel.
Removing all the conectors and then replacing the part was easy.