French Car Show 2006!

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French Car Show 2006!

Post by Vanny »


Well now my exams are over I can start sorting out
The French Car show 2006!
Bruntingthorpe - Sunday 28th May 2005
French Car Show

Its the PGAC's BIGGEST event of the year, and we're invited!
I was there in 2003 and it was good, I was there in 2004 and it was brilliant, 2005 was awesome, but 2006 is gonna be VERY different!

For a start there's going to be even more stands from some big name companies, and a mass extension to last years Shopping Village

There's a similar format to last year, with all-day track activity, go-karts and more, but with much more entertainment in the show arena, including a music stage and organised competitions! Not to mention a radical change in the track layout, no more waiting for buses or transfers and everything within walking distance!

With any luck, we'll be in the main camp right up next to the stand shwoing off with pride!

I want this to be our BIGGEST MEET EVER!

I've got some tricks up my sleeves, there could be some interesting plans taking place and possibly provision of food (if your interested in the food option PM me!) I want to go there and have people remembering all the BX's.

  • Club members (payment before the event) @ £12.50 per person!
Must be paid for before 30th of April to get these prices!
I will release payment details shortly, and note you will recieve the tickets approximately two weeks before the show!

Well in order to get a BIG, HUGE Club Stand, I need to know if your coming!

If you are, then let me know!
I need to know;
  • If you are bringing your BX (or plan to!)
  • How many tickets you would like (you never know SWMBO might join us!)
Please send cheque payments to;
Details TBA

So if your interested just let me know here![/url]

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Merseyside resident
Merseyside resident
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Post by Vanny »

Members Attending;
  • 1: Vanny
  • 2: Sleepy0905
  • 3: Phil
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Post by sleepy0905 »


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Post by Philip Chidlow »

And me - unless I go to the Club Planete BX meet at Dornes which is the same weekend. I will let you know.

If I do come I'll be happy to organise a BBQ on the stand.

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Post by cavmad »

Not me I`m afraid, my little princess`s 10th birthday :lol:
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Post by Cornishbx16v »

I will be there with the 16v club!
Cavmad, bring her along for a 'day out'!!! lots of things for her to do like run around silly big aeroplanes! :D and eat far too many hot dogs and drink too much fizzy drink! :wink:
Hopeing this year will be a good un! especially with some std bx's along side the Beasts! haha!

After all I AM CORNISH!!!!

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Post by Tim2cv »

bugger, another show im going to miss, having looked at my calendar I will still be at the French National 2CV event.....

Ask Ian Fearn. He might go in the 4x4 possibly?
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Post by Dollywobbler »

It all sounds a bit "boy racer" for us 2CV folk (now I don't have a BX anymore! :cry: ).

Unless there could be a 602cc or less session on the track!


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Mike P
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Post by Mike P »

Hi Vanny,

Emma and I will be attending this year again, but through the 16v club.

Tickets have gone up 25% though :?:

Mike P.
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Post by rob-bx16v »

why did it come up guest 2 times i am signed in??? rob-bx16v

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Post by OwenS »

All being well I'd like to bring my BX along!!!! :D
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tim leech

Post by tim leech »

Its not far at all from me, subject to work commitments count me in!

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Post by Toddman »

This thread has more BX 16v cars attending the show than on the BX 16v forum LMAO! :P

I will be there but with the 16v club - will be good to meet some of you BXers but I hope you know what the show is all about.

Please call me Luke :)
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Count me in

Post by paraglidingferrit »

Hi there,

I have a slow diesel BX which will be roadworthy by the time of this show. It looks good but would it still be ok to count me in as I do love these cars.

I would like to be counted in to this event, I am only a newbie so be gentle!

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Re: Count me in

Post by DavidRutherford »

paraglidingferrit wrote:I am only a newbie so be gentle!
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