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Weekend Fun

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Twas Busy!
Saturday was very cold but Jon's Tizzydee needed sorcery. THe heater fan had consumed its brushes and was replaced with a newer one which I had reconditioned in the week. The speed control was swapped out for a recon unit and the control panel replaced with a modified item. Several elements of HRW were fixed, the warning buzzer for the lights was made to behave as was the courtesy lamp delay. Jon, meanwhile took the wing off Grolliffe and made a very fair job of welding up the inner wing, which was not as rotten as I had feared. Primed, sealed and waxoyled, that'll give no problems. Thanks, Jon. I gave him a lift to Southampton, where he had other business and on Sunday, I dropped a bonnet off with Kitch and in the afternoon, persuaded Bernie to part with the Hurricane so I can plunder it for its radiator, wheels and bumper splitter. The rest of it will be scrapped I reckon. THe evening was spent communicating with Vanny about a club money making scheme and talking to Nick about BXs. This is the usual pattern for my weekends these days which is one of the reasons for leaving the club as it is - there are only so many days in a life and I really should stay in more!

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Nice one Tom, I spent some time replacing handbrake cables on the Volcane, renewing leakoff pipes in an attempt to make the thing start (unsuccesfully) I took some BX rear seats to the tip and attempted to bring order to chaos in the garage, On sunday I moved a small Yacht on a trailer and spent a little more time in the Garage but was driven indoors by the extreme cold, still have not plucked up courage to fit the matrix to the hooligan though.
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A fine weekend by the sound of it. The true spirit of this club is in fine fettle. 8)

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I had a busy weekend too: went in the BX with my friend Chris to pick up an early GSA c-matic from Croydon that he'd owned before and had tried 3 times to buy back. But the front floors are now rotten, and in fact the passenger floor had been partially cut away with an angle grinder, leaving a gaping hole. Great air conditioning :shock:

Anyway, matey took one look at my dodgy wheeltrims and said "do you want some proper BX ones?" So I picked up a set of decent-ish trims in what I call the "Zorro" style - cos to me they look like large letter Z's (you know the ones) - and my BX looks far better for them! Also finally got round to touching-up the faded badge lettering on the tailgate with "chrome" paint applied with a cotton buddie :)