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zx immobiliser

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Hi, the BX is great,at the moment, however someone will know the answer to my ZX problem. I disconnected the battery to recharge it and now although the dash display lights up the car wont attempt to start. It has the immobiliser fob on a chain on the key ring that pushes into a slot on the dash. Has it disconnected when there was no battery and how do I reactivate it, please ?

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It will be more appropriate to refer to the French Car Forum as they cover a range of Citroens. The BX was never fitted with such an immobiliser unless someone went aftermarket.

Here's a list of their topics on the ZX immobiliser. :D

http://www.frenchcarforum.co.uk/forum/s ... r&fid[0]=3
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That immobiliser is after market. You will need to identfy the manufacturer, and then contact them for further advice, or if you are a member of the RAC/AA, they might be able to help too.

The standard ZX immobiliser, is a digital keypad forward of the gearstick.

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as above so it should be easy to put the car back to how it left the factory,

were are you located

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Can you post a photo of the fob? If it is what i think it will be (fitting a round socket with 2 metal prongs in it) i have a very quick solution for it.
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