A very brave Frenchman!

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A very brave Frenchman!

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Billy has a wing for than car, anyone wanna tell the owner of the car? Think billy had a bonnet for it as well until we tried toboganin on the A55 at 30+ mph, though its still in a better condition than that one!

The guy is one SERIOUS mission and a half there, makes me look like an amatuer!

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Why would you go to all that trouble and still not paint the bonnet?? A "French" thing maybe???:shock: :lol: :lol:

Alan S :twisted: :wink:
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He seems to have an extra "cubby Hole" in his dash to what we get in our cars. :o Was this only on LHD Cars? [/code]

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Furthermore, the French eat soft cheese that SMELLS!

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He seems to have an extra "cubby Hole" in his dash to what we get in our cars. Was this only on LHD Cars?
Yes - this only existed on lhd cars, which is a shame. To put one into a rhd car would need construction of a mirror image of the lhd part, not to mention some clever work to provide a suitable mount for it to sit in.
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