Might have to lose a few BXs

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Might have to lose a few BXs

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Apparently from October 1st over here in the back end of nowhere (NZ) from that date we will have to pay to put vehicle licences on Hold currently free and then top it off pay to deregister the vehicle :evil:

So I have two unlicenced BXs not used very often now days and a third none BX with mechinal problem that packed up with 11 months licence left they wont refund unless you deregister the vehicle and now they want us to pay for the on hold service. :roll:

Top it with two other vehicles that have become a pain in the rear to deregister because the nearest agent you have to go into and can not do via internet/phone is 100 miles away I am not impressed.

And then theres being a Diesel Owner rule chnage on 1st August that went past me until a conversation with local constable. Over here there is no red diesel so geniuses do not tax at the pump instead you buy a distance licence. From aug 1 those rules changed from nearest tonne to graduated weights now my BX is up to 3.5 tonnes, of course they sneeked in an increase charge to taht as well even though they said no change....BS... But I have to change the current label with 5000 miles on it get a refund and buy new miles at the higher cost. :shock:

Only positive to this is Diesels are still cheaper to run and the BX speedometers are not that reliable are they? I can see vehicle owners of multiple vehicles over here using the same plates on other vehicles.
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