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Parts anybody?

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I am finally and very sadly having to let go of a 19Gti 89 black and a red 1990 14RE injection since the neighbours are complaining and I have nowhere else to put them.
Yes, the vehicles are in Sweden, but if anybody badly needs some parts then they can be freighted, perhaps via a consolidation.
Both are complete-ish, if dysfunctional. Yes I have tried the local BX forum, no interest. Only major things missing is the front bumper and bonnet and lights on the 19 - virtually all else is there.

I'm not a mechanical genius so I am not going to guarantee to gt anything off that is complex.
Or if someone wants to do their own stripping there are cheap Ryan flights to Oslo, Gothenburg and Stockholm/vasteras - the vehicles are about equidistant to all three places.

The 16 is still going strong, I am glad to say.
Thanks for all your support in keeping these vehicles going over the years.
If there is anything you would advise me to kee from the 14 and the 19 which could be used on other BX's - i.e. stuff that is likely to go wrong and difficult to source - please tell me.
AND - how do I most easily remove the LHM "octopus/spider" rubber stuff?

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