Prayer for Today

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Gareth Wales
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Prayer for Today

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One day, just one day, let me carry out one simple, specific BX task eg changing the brake pads without being side-tracked into other issues ie - discovering rust which takes so much time to deal with, it gets too dark to do original task.

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Barnsley BXer
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Perhaps our great lyricist/songwriter Cavmad could alter "Oh lord buy me a Mercedes Benz" to suit.I eagerly await his reply :D :D :D
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You know what? I don`t like to disappoint. Leave it with me............ :lol:
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ken newbold
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I'll put you a word in on Sunday. :wink:

tim leech

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Ken do you have connection on high? if so say one for me on Sunday! I need all the help i can get as im brainwashed!