Well done el Presidente

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Well done el Presidente

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Jon has once again done his bit for us more technically challenged BXers, in this case Chris Joyce and myself. We turned up at Jon's place on Sunday (much to the delight of his neighbours) to replace the clutch on Chris' MK1 BX. All went well except for delays caused by previously crossthreaded hubnuts and a stubborn lower balljoint. Jon worked his magic, cracked his whip now and again and the job was done albeit with a resulting thirst which was duly quenched at Jon's local :wink: . All in all a walk in the park compared to my gearbox transplant some months ago :shock:
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Jon's neighbours like BX's too. :wink:

That's a coincidence, so do ours. :evil:

And XMs and the good news is, there going to have to get to like Xantias as well. :D

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El Presidente ED and me. A !985 mark 1 with a new clutch

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We found John's without too much trouble on sunday thanks to microsoft multimap and his cobalt 1700turbo diesel sitting on the drive. Got stuck in at 10.30 and were in his local to wet the babies head at 2.30. John had done it before I think and was like a surgeon in his approach and execution. Ed and I handed him the appropriate tools and mopped his brow if he was under preasure. Favourite tool...Pri-bar and 17mm socket. My favourite bit was when john retired to his bench to make an alligning tool out of two socket extensions and some red insulating tape.
It worked so well that it all went back together without having to loosen the starter motor!
I said thanks in the pub and I'd like to say it again. Thanks John
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Windy guns, very useful but handle with care, my horror story was an engine that was brought to me where some idiot had put the injectors in using one, one was crossed, scrap one TZD head (they had made a rats arse of doing the gasket too)
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You know the weight on the end of the clutch which I was responsible for putting back on? Well I didn't tighten the nut and it fell of at 30 m.p.h . I heard the thing fall and spotted it in my rearview mirror as it chased me down the road. I stopped, retrieved it and put it on TIGHT with a 10mil nut I found in my bits box in the boot. As I was the last one to touch the drive shaft nuts I have also checked that they are still O.K
The little petrol 1600rs engine is very sweet andnow I have no worries about the clutch thanks again to el Presidente Mr Wood

I want to find a nice litle 1700 turbodiesel for my missis. Our 218sd packed up last month and I had to get her a car pronto and found a lovely tidy 1990 mazda 626glx...elecric everything and very tidy but it drinks more than I do and I think it's got to go. Any help with a nice diesel would be greatly appreciated.
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