BX19TGD estate for sale - DEPOSIT TAKEN

Buy or sell parts etc. Please put 'Wanted' in the title if it is a request for parts.
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BX19TGD estate for sale - DEPOSIT TAKEN

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Pains me to do it but I just don't have the money to get the BX sorted, so while it has Tax AND MoT, it is for sale.

1991, 190k miles, pretty comprehensive service history (full to about 2011). A BX Club legend.

Downsides are corrosion in the rear crossmember and LH rear wing and it could do with a cambelt and waterpump (can be included for an additional £30). The clutch bite is soft so that will need doing before too long, but it doesn't slip. Tick-time is about 7 seconds, so a new accumulator will be needed before too long. Hydraulics are generally fine, but I am getting intermittent PAS. I don't suspect the pump as the car is very quick to pressurise and rise. Had the same issue at 150k miles but was cured by a Hydraflush. I also suspect it has a mild air leak as it needs priming to start from cold if left for a few days.

Has just had brand new rear discs and pads. Pistons seem to be moving nicely.

I know distance is an issue but I will deliver anywhere in the UK for the cost of my travel.

Tax and MOT until June.


Now has a rear wiper fitted again. RH caliper has torn slider boots, but sale includes a spare caliper.


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Re: BX19TGD estate for sale - DEPOSIT TAKEN

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Hope it's going to a good home!
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Re: BX19TGD estate for sale - DEPOSIT TAKEN

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Dear Dolllywobbler.
Sorry you had to sell her Ian :( but congratulations on the sale Ian :)
Any plans on what you going to replace her with yet Ian :?:
All the best.
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