BX style speedo + full guages but Pug 205

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BX style speedo + full guages but Pug 205

Post by BX Bandit »

So, a Pug 205 GTi speedo/tacho/full gauge set up like this one

I bought this as I couldn't find any BX gauges, but have recently been lucky to obtain a BX water & oil temp gauge setup, so the pug ones are up for sale.

I paid £12.50 + p&p, so I'm asking £12.50 + p&p. This has the oil pressure gauge, as well as oil and water temp gauges.

I think the back ground lighting is amber, as opposed to the green on a BX. I would of been happy with the Pug set-up if I could of found a diesel tacho to match, but I can't find one. So, I'd suggest this was used by the petrol heads rather than the oil burners. Or, you could use the BX speedo and tacho (in green) and use the Pug gauges (in amber) which may or may not be to your tastes!

Mine has about 90K on the clock if that makes any difference.

If this link works then that is the actual speedo pod I bought/am selling.
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Re: BX style speedo + full guages but Pug 205

Post by Way2go »

Hi Bandit, It looks like there are some other small differences besides the orange illumination. No calibration figures on the oil press, temp and water gauges. Warning lamps look a different style and maybe no oil level gauge reading?
Still, that's a good buy for someone needing upgrading to oil press, temp and water gauges even without the numbers. :)
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