Slow front end after LHM change.

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Slow front end after LHM change.

Post by DavidRutherford »

Got me a little puzzled this one.

Before the change of LHM, the front and rear of the TZD would go up at roughly the same time, with the front dropping faster than the front (as expected) on the way back down.

Changed the LHM (the old stuff was thin, horrid and somewhat closer to yellow than green) for some nice new Total LHM+, and now the rear rises before the front. So much so that if you're at minimum height, and select maximum height, the LHM pressure warning comes on, the rear rases all the way to the top, the warning lamp goes out, and only then does the front start to rise.

It also seems to be slower to rise than it used to be.

After changing the LHM, it had Citaerobics to death, and the front brakes have been bled. I can't bleed the rears at the moment, as the bleed nipples are siezed like a goodun, and one is rounded off. I think I can get them out, but I'm not going to try until I have new ones to go back in.

The front struts are a *little* stiff, but no moreso than the DIGIT, and that rises almost perfectly level.

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Post by Mr B »

How about the new LHM is thicker, the pump is a little weak, so it is working harder to pump the green juice around now. Oh, and it's bloody cold at the moment so the LHM is even thicker!

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Post by jeremy »

I expect its something to do with the resistance of new thicker LHM to go through the safety valve, height correctors and a considerable length of small tube. The light coming on again would suggest that the valve has opened and then shut again.

It'll probably go back to its old ways in a week or two as the LHM mashes up - and the ride will revert to what it was before - shame!