Window wind deflectors

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Window wind deflectors

Post by jamescarruthers »

Due to a driver's window that won't close entirely and the mechanism being over £100 I've ordered a set of deflectors for the front and rear windows which I hope will arrive before I have to take the car to Cornwall in this heat.

I just thought I'd post that, after some research, I decided to get the Climair ones which seemed to be very expensive (£88 for front and rear alone!) on eBay but also more likely to work after watching a review video on eBay which may or may not have been unbiased (okay, it was biased!). The Polish and Italian competitors' deflectors were deemed to fall out or cause buffeting.

Anyway, my point is that you can get them much cheaper here: but they show BX fronts as out of stock (at time of posting). However, I called 020 8309 7744 an they are on their way from Germany with a very long lead time of 3 weeks. This is due to the rears not fronts being out of stock and me not being willing to pay for postage twice.

I figured I was getting the good quality German ones for the price of the cheaper Italian or Polish ones.

I hope they are worth the wait and expense to cure the whistling in my ear on the motorway and provide some much needed quietness and coolness.

They also do the sunroof deflector but I hear this can rot your roof so, though tempted, gave this a miss. Anybody got an informed opinion on the sunroof deflector?

Basically it was:
£15 for the fronts
£19.95 for the rears
£33.16 for the sunroof.

However, all these prices exclude VAT, and delivery seemed to be £10 for whatever you ordered.

So delivered that's:
£91.73 for the whole set: doors and sunroof.
£51.94 for all four doors
£28 for just the front doors
£49.79 for just the sunroof.

I hope this is of some help to someone in this, admittedly occasional, 30 degree heat.

I asked for club discount but they said that 20% had already been knocked off.
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Re: Window wind deflectors

Post by Tim Leech »

Someone will have a mechanism and motor for a lot less than that I'm sure x
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Re: Window wind deflectors

Post by Mothman »

I have cheapies on all of my MK 2s and they work just fine. Both sets were about 28 quid all in from ebay [fronts only]. They do a fantastic job, enabling me to have both windows down when its hot with minimal buffetting.
Also have a stick on wind deflector on a sunroof, about 32 quid and it works just fine.

Sophie came with some period MK1 deflectors, a different shape to those on ebay and they work best with both windows down.