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Excellent Website

Post by Tim Leech »

http://www.citroenet.org.uk/passenger-c ... index.html" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

Julian Marsh's excellent website which is very informative and has some great BX content.

That picture needs making into a poster I think? and could be used for the Club stand?
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Re: Excellent Website

Post by mat_fenwick »

Fascinating. I'm reading through the technical brochures at the moment and it's very interesting to compare to what else was around in the early 80s.

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Re: Excellent Website

Post by maxgreenwood »

I so wish I could travel back in time and buy a new BX back in 83/84. The burgandy colour really suits the mk1.

I've spent many an evening trawling the very interesting info on that site.

One day I'll get a minter in the garage- soon coming! We've just bought a house with one! First for me :D
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Re: Excellent Website

Post by B-Hive »

Good find..

As a professional photographer I am meant to be observant.. Apparently I am not..

Prior to this referenced website, I thought the cosmetic changes to the BX from Mk1 to Mk2 were limited to bumpers, front indicators and dash/interior treatment..

It never occurred to me that both front and rear wheel flares were considerably widened...Coincidentally and rarely, I had the GT and TRi side by side on the driveway and I took the time to acknowledge these difference.

I always assumed the bodies were identical... No wonder I have had issues fitting wider tyres onto the rear all of my Mk1's.. There's over 2cm difference..!!! otherwise undocumented...

So yes, the cleaner, more pure lines of the Mk1 go beyond different front indicators and bumpers ..but the MK2 does have a more substantial, "modern" and solid presence...

Funny anecdote.. Whilst helping a friend move a kitchen dresser the BX arrived at the drop off with huge furniture item on board,,tardis like...

Picture this... a "helper" man walks up to my strange Citroen and passes his eye over the car... This man is old, withered, wrinkly with long long scraggly grey beard, tired old clothes and hat, he smelt of cigarettes and gin.. a very tired human being...

He turns to me after perusing the GT and says "this really is quite sad and old isn't it".. needless to say, I offered no response..The irony didn't escape me.. Both had been around the clock a few times.. of all people you think he'd appreciate typically unappreciated older qualities..but not to be..

Anyway I had a laugh on the way home...

Viva La BX!!
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