Wanted: Diesel Citroen Bx

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Wanted: Diesel Citroen Bx

Post by CMckay »

My Dad had a Green BX19TXD when I was younger. It was going to be my first car but sadly someone crashed into it before my 17th birthday. I've been longing for one ever since. That's her below.


Anything similar to a BX19TXD would be preferred but as long as it's a BX i'm happy. Ideally I'm looking for one with at least a few months MOT and a little bit of tax so I easily can insure, collect it and drive it home to Aberdeen. Just now I've only got a purchasing budget of around £400 as i'm anticipating Insurance and fuel home will eat up the rest of my limited funds.

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Re: Wanted: Diesel Citroen Bx

Post by citronut »

are you in
http://www.glenfiddich.com/uk/" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

we visited the distillery years ago with 2CV GB

regards malcolm
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Re: Wanted: Diesel Citroen Bx

Post by Mothman »

Hell, those TXD wheel trims, goldust now!!

Welcome to the club bud. May i wish you every success in finding a suitable BX.


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Re: Wanted: Diesel Citroen Bx

Post by deltic »

And if anyone is interested the coach depicted is a 1968 Mk2a corridor first.
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Re: Wanted: Diesel Citroen Bx

Post by MULLEY »

£400, i think you may struggle tbh as prices have steadily been rising. You may get some appearing with no tax or mot for scrap value plus a hundred or two on top, but a semi decent one you'll struggle below £600 for a TXD. You're more likely looking at a less popular petrol one with your budget. You never know one may turn up, but i think you may struggle, but all the best with your search.
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Re: Wanted: Diesel Citroen Bx

Post by Mk5rjs »

deltic wrote:And if anyone is interested the coach depicted is a 1968 Mk2a corridor first.
Always interested in all things "blue and grey" :D


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Re: Wanted: Diesel Citroen Bx

Post by Nojay »

My landlord is selling his 1991 BX diesel Meteor hatchback for scrap value basically as it just failed its MOT but it's in Edinburgh so not too far for you to come to collect it. Genuinely low mileage (85500), needs some welding to pass the MOT, paint is a bit ratty due to weathering but it's very driveable and with a few months road tax. My gmail address is nojay1 if you want to ping me about it.