8v GTi Venetian Red in Sligo, Ireland

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Re: 8v GTi Venetian Red in Sligo, Ireland

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RogerPorter wrote: The Visa is surprisingly comfortable tho slower and noisier than the XM, and fuel costs would be comparable. However, the petrol XM would guzzle way too much fuel on that trip so I think it'll stay home.
I'll look forward to seeing what you turn up with so, in that case! :)

That's understandable about the LNA. They're not all savable, mighty rare though!

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Re: 8v GTi Venetian Red in Sligo, Ireland

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Enda, looks like a nice Gti you have there, I had a nice '92 grey one last year I had to let go. I never got it Irish registered and got caught by customs- i agreed to take it back to the uk in the end. A combination of finances and needing a 7-seater. I still take the odd drive in my 16 which is lovely apart from a duff engine- burning loads of oil, it smells!

If anyone hears of a 16 or 19 engine in Ireland..

Let me know if you're ever looking for a new home for the GTi , we sometimes get up to Sligo.

Kieran, that mk1 diesel you have is lovely, I test drove it at Wolsey House a couple of years back but couldn't take it on at the time.

I also heard about that '92 White Gti today from a CCC member, might check it out. high miles though, I'd hope to hear it's had a new engine or engine re-con. Will give the guy a call tomorrow.

There aren't many on the roads over here, a white tzd turbo pootles round Dun Laoghaire, saw another interesting one- unusual colour, metallic burgundy, Cork registered diesel, seemed to be bouncing around Dublin city centre on worn out spheres. There's another nice Gti in black lurking in Wicklow, and that same CCC member has just brought a 70k miles TZD Turbo in from the uk, which I might see in the next few weeks.
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Re: 8v GTi Venetian Red in Sligo, Ireland

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Hi folks, I'm going to sell the BX, as I need a car that I can transport my dogs in, etc. They haven't had a sniff of the BX interior and I want to keep it that way! It's still under 79K miles and is currently standing me at €1800, so I'll give €50 back for luck = €1750. Tax is up this month so I'd like to sell it this week or weekend at the latest. It's NCTd until October 2014 and I have some history and the original bill of sale with it. Let me know if you're interested, I'm going to list it on Donedeal later this evening. Regards, Enda.