Specialists in northants

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Specialists in northants

Post by Tommot »


I'll need to take the old beauty in for a service soon. Does anyone know of a decent citroen specialist i can take her to in the Northants area? Preferably closer to northampton.


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Re: Specialists in northants

Post by Tim Leech »

If you are prepared to head south i can heartily recommend Rob Moss at Chevronics in hitchin.
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Re: Specialists in northants

Post by patersom10 »

Chevronics are the best, worth the travel.
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Re: Specialists in northants

Post by MULLEY »

When you say a service, are you literally talking about a fuel, oil & air filter change only? This can be done v-easily by yourself if you want to learn, there's plenty of advice on here or there may be someone local to you who can help you do it.
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Re: Specialists in northants

Post by Stinkwheel »

Ifd you'd have asked in a month or so, i would have replied .... yes, me.

But as you are asking now then look up michael Knighton in wellingborough. He is a ex citroen mechanic and very good at his work.
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Re: Specialists in northants

Post by ghaddon1701 »

Do it yourself :D . I have never used them myself but I hear no end of good things about Chevronics.

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Re: Specialists in northants

Post by Rich »

I can vouch for both Michael Knighton and Matt (Stinkwheel). If you want contact details for Michael... PM me... If you want contact details for Matt... PM him. :)

Michael is in Wellingborough, Matt will be near Wollaston (when his posh new workshop is finished :D )
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