FDV seals and Steering Pinion seals

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FDV seals and Steering Pinion seals

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I've been reading back through various threads regarding overhauling the FDV and the steering pinion - as I have both of these items in bits on the bench in my garage... and I have a few questions...

1. As far as I can tell the FDV service kit is no longer available from Citroen or elsewhere, however the pipe union seals and the little filters are available individually and I have a few of these. This just leaves the O-ring seals that fit onto the four caps at each end of the two internal slide valves. I have bought some Viton O-rings that fit into the grooves on these caps, but before I instal these, does anyone have the actual measurements of the original Citroen O-rings (ID, OD and thickness)? I've not been able to track the sizes down.

2. There was a thread a few years back on replacing the internal O-rings inside the steering pinion valve to resolve some PAS issues.
http://www.bxclub.co.uk/forum/viewtopic ... 15&t=11920" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
It was stated in this thread that the information in the Japanese write up (linked to that thread) was wrong becasue the 3 replaced seals were shown in the wrong grooves of the pinion rotor (there are four grooves). I've dismantled mine and the three seals are in the "correct" locations according to the thread. Did anyone get to the bottom of this difference? Someone suggested it might be a different between LHD and RHD - and it was perhaps a non standard LHD car in Japan. I also noticed that the cutaway drawing of the pinion valve in the Citroen workshop manual shows one seal closer to the rack end of the rotor, with two seals closer to the steering column end - matching the Japanese version... Replacing the seals in the same grooves as they are found seems the obvious step forward - but I was curious to know why these two versions existed.

3. Still on the pinion valve - do the three seals on the rotor really need to be compressed for a while prior to reassembling the pinion, as shown on the Japanese site? I've not done this before so would value any advice on getting the new seals onto the rotor and getting the rotor back into the pinion housing without trashing them.

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