Not BX but, Xantia 1.9TD SX

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Not BX but, Xantia 1.9TD SX

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Hi, just thought I`d ask here.
It`s a shiny black 1994 hatchback with grey SX interior. Mot`d October (might be Nov) taxed 6mths from the beginning of the month. 175,000miles (ish), very presentable car.
Brother was using it for the past couple of weeks trouble free (easy 500+ miles) just had an HDi C5 come in and he`s now using that.

Couple of known issues: heater pretty poor on hot - not that we need now the suns here! - and its smokes on start up.

Price wise -difficult- but open to sensible offers. (If its of no interest he may just cash in the tax and break/weigh it in - just seems a shame.)