TXi starting problems

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TXi starting problems

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Just to follow up on my recent thread on fuel filters.

My TXi had firstly stalled briefly, then refused to start at all. After going through the process of confirming good fuel supply to the monopoint injector, my attention then switched to the electrical side of things.

Checking each plug in turn, I was getting sparks when the engine was turned over, but they seemed to be fairly random, with no consistent pattern.

The culprit was the crank angle sensor. Original part was Bougicord 144306. I've now replaced this with a new Bosch unit part number 0986280402. It's readily available off eBay etc e.g. here: http://www.carsparkplugs.com/1x-bosch-r ... 3TvlqhSags

To get at it you really need to make a bit of space, removing battery, air filter, inlet air conduit & hoses, coil. Then it's easy: all you need is a size 5 allen key to release the sensor.
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