BX19 Gti 1989 selling

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BX19 Gti 1989 selling

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Well a change of job and, I thought loads of free time to devote to the BX. Reality versus big plans, reality wins every time. So I'm putting it up for sale again. I just want a little more than the scrap value, I really, really can't face it being crushed as it starts and drives well enough, but I can't see it being worth me paying to transport it and MOT it.
It's been stood for a couple of years, I'd start it, every now and again, maybe theoretically even have driven it round the block too, every so often. Seemed alright last time out.

All the usual GTi stuff in place. Hardly concours but sound. Any interest?

If so I'll get some recent photos up, can do close ups of particular parts etc if you want.
Here's some for the meantime:
http://s75.photobucket.com/user/fredgis ... ry/Bx19GTi

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Re: BX19 Gti 1989 selling

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Pm sent.
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