Burst Hydraulic Pipe

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Burst Hydraulic Pipe

Post by David »

Hi all, As most of you know I collected Mulley's car for parts a few weeks ago.

I went to start it today to move it & the main pipe from the security valve to the rear height corrector has blown a hole in itself near the corrector, thus spraying oil on everything.

The car is badly rotten anyway so it isn't worth repairing properly, but has anyone got any ideas how to patch it up for now just so the car is moveable?

Ideally I need it working via the hydraulics & not using 2 blocks of wood as Mulley had the height set correctly & I want to make sure my cars height is right by using this as a guide.

I don't have any Citroen flaring tools or spare metal pipe lying around.

Any ideas? :idea: :?:
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Re: Burst Hydraulic Pipe

Post by Mothman »

Hi, if it starts, you will still be able to move it, albeit in the low position. If you are not going to restore it but scrap it for parts, why bother doing any work on it.


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Re: Burst Hydraulic Pipe

Post by electrokid »

If the leak is on a straight piece of pipe and if you can get the area very well cleaned up then you could try binding with a metal tape such as...

http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Doff-Copper-S ... 540a8c782a

You may need to remove the self adhesive and just use pure copper: and you'd probably need to glue it on as you bind it with the best epoxy you can find such as the metal loaded epoxy...

http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1x-Plastic-Pa ... 35d574cbf3

which is only workable for a couple of minutes so you'll need to be very quick. I've used this epoxy on threads up to 600 bar but it need to be holding stuff in place (such as the copper) against the pressure - it's not going to hold on its own.

After all that I would bind the repair with wire - again I'd use the epoxy on the repair as I'm binding and twist the wire ends together. It's going to be messy, and the epoxy is carcinogenic so use disposeable gloves.
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