Not a BX but close - ZX 3 door 1.9 D

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Not a BX but close - ZX 3 door 1.9 D

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Hi all

One of the guys who works for me got hold of a 3 door ZX 1.9 D as he needed a engine for a berlingo project. The Berlingo got sold before he transplated the engine so nothing happened to the ZX. I told him I thought it was to good to scrap, and being a 3 door one (I imagine) becoming collectable, so he has decided to try and sell it instead.

Its a 1.9 D Pzazz model. The body looks ok, with no rust or dents that I can see, but the paint has gone matt white. It has 113997 miles and the engine sounds fine, the only thing I can see wrong with it is the interor looks a bit tatty, and I would think should even get a Mot without to many problems.

He wants £150 for the car (it has no MOT or Tax)

Our tel number is 01634 849609 (medway citroen)