GTi for sale

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GTi for sale

Post by BOB6844 »

Usual problem. Too many cars, not enough space or time.
Looking for a new home for my 1990 GTi , bought during a bout of kleptomania, now victim of a reality check - 3 parking spaces, 4 cars on site plus 2 others off site.

The story:
Registration H437DBU. One owner until early this year, then apparently sold to an Oldham car dismantler. Bought on eBay by me after HPI check. Transported for MOT at my nearest garage. Failed, minor items plus corrosion near to suspension component mounting, brake performance, ABS light on, steering rack gaiters, exhaust leaks. Advised by unsympathetic Tester to "scrap it". Transported to local Citroen Specialist. Much money spent. MOT acquired. Currently Taxed, Insured and shuttling between safe houses.

The good:
MOT to June 11th. 2015. Taxed to November 30th.
One previous owner.
Mileage at MOT 97580. Maybe 200 added since. Main Agent Service history to 55376. Understood to have been subsequently serviced by Paris Motors, Stockport.
Goes well, rises and falls as it should, sunroof works fine, no untoward engine noises, windows open and close, boot lid lifts and stays put as required, steers where pointed and stops . Interior in good order. Minimal rust.

The bad:
MOT examiner ignored ABS fault. Yes, there is a Father Christmas.....
Assorted flakes to paint, scratches to external plastic, minor dent to nearside rear passenger door. Paintwork needs a good cleaning.
Closure to rear of centre console missing. Glove compartment lid hinges broken.
Rear view mirror in place, but had been wrenched off the screen leaving a piece of glass still stuck to the metal mounting. Araldited repair holding so far.

I had decided to attempt tracing of the ABS fault myself as a priority, although I have no previous experience of the procedure. All of the other "bad" points do not affect the car's performance, and can be attended to as and when time is available. If I had covered storage, I would park up and start tinkering. Alas, I don't. Also, plaintive looks from my 19RD urging me to fix his suspension leak.

Total investment in this vehicle currently exceeds four figures, which I would (obviously) like to see returned. In the proverbial nutshell, is there anyone out there who would be prepared to take this project on? The car will not be broken for spares, and will have to be garaged at further cost if no buyer can be found. I am about to upload three pictures as a start, and will add more when the car and my camera are next in the same place.

Queries and comments most welcome!
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Re: GTi for sale

Post by MULLEY »

Nice car, unfortunately without the ABS issue getting resolved & the wear & tear you've described, you will be struggling to get close to the £1k mark, infact, i doubt you'll be able to sell the car with the ABS issue :( as not many will be able to fix the issue.

You may be lucky & that its just a cracked ABS ring, but if the sensor is furbar, they are no longer available, if its just a brake in the wire, it's possible that if you're careful it could get fixed. ABS issues are a major problem that we've seen growing over the years, with no apparent permanent solutions being available.
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Re: GTi for sale

Post by bxzx16v »

How bad was the corrosion near the suspension components? Do you have any better pictures. What sort of figure are you realistically looking at.


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Re: GTi for sale

Post by Mike E (uk) »

The ABS sensors & cables are easily checked and are available used, I have a few here.

But the chances are it is a break in the cable, or a rusty ABS ring as Mulley mentions, and the cables can be fixed.

sensor are common with the Pug 405. Probably with other PSA cars too.

The ABS controllers don't normally fail unless somebody has been welding the car, and they are interchangeable between BXs.

Best to fix the fault and the car is more likely to sell.

1k is top money for an 8V GTI, but they are very rare nowadays.
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Re: GTi for sale

Post by BOB6844 »

The initial MOT failure had the standard "Suspension component mounting prescribed area is excessively corroded" comment four times, relating to "Offside inner front (wing)", "Offside inner rear (wing)", "Offside inner rear (sill closing piece)", and "Nearside inner rear (wing)". I will add pictures of the offending areas in their current state, hopefully by Thursday.

Thanks for the input regarding the ABS fault and the likely price attainable. I have found various words of wisdom elsewhere on the Forum regarding ABS faults, but not tried anything yet. Current efforts are directed at clearing my garage space of accumulated junk, then squeezing in the 19RD, followed by curing it's leak. In the absence of any enthusiastic risk-takers, maybe I will try the simple tests, offside front first.

I have spotted other GTi's for sale at up to £2000. Any input regarding the current value of an example without any immediate problems?

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Re: GTi for sale

Post by Kitch »

About £1000 for a good one, generally. Absolute minter, maybe £1300-£1500. Don't get it mixed up with ph1 GTi 16vs, as they're usually worth more even though they look pretty similar.

A project needing welding with no MoT - £300 if you're (very) lucky. More likely little more than scrap value, as you have to factor in that the buyer will need to fork out something just to pick it up.
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Re: GTi for sale

Post by Tinkley »

After my recent experience of 'corrosion around suspension mounting' and knowing the fronts to be sound at least on my car, I'd suggest looking deeply at the rear subframe mounts. The rear sills are an almost nothing job by comparison. Just see my thread on it in the technical section, then uncover your own internal mounts. Beleive me the external hides a lot until it is almost too late.

I'm not sure what it's going to cost to repair my car to a satisfactory state but more than I paid for it which was 300. If you can weld and have the kit or have a friend who can do so, then you could sort this pretty cheaply. If you have already had this work done properly, you should impress on any buyer that it has been sorted in this area. Rotten shells especially in this area will continue to kill off many more BX, unfortunately. Quite a few of us are biting the bullet and getting them repaired properly as we want to keep running them.

Still you have an MOT etc which is a good thing. Kitch is right, non MOT or non frequent runners especially those stored for 5+ years can be expensive to get running. 4 new tyres, 5 spheres, probably brake fleys, front return struts, maybe cooling hoses, new LHM and flush just to get it to run safely. Cost that up and you can see where the money goes, and that is just the start and assumes the engine/gearbox etc is pretty good.