Torrent of LHM...

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Torrent of LHM...

Post by BOB6844 »

..from rear near-side. Parked up asap, foolishly placing suspension lever in lowest position. Jack up, discover unable to remove wheel close to leak. Take pictures. Realise that wheels can only be removed in highest position, which requires engine to be running, which will create more pools of green.

Help! Should I brave the river, hope the car rises, maybe jack up further, remove the wheel, place an axle stand under the nearby support point, then start investigating? Or is there a drier (or safer) way? At what point should the pressure regulator bleed screw be opened? Is there a clear diagram available showing the plumbing around this area? What lies inside the rubber gaiter? Does the substantial flow suggest a feed pipe or a return pipe problem?

Also, does the suspension point shown in one of the pictures look as it should?

Any advice please? Sorry for appearing a total thicko, but I've been BXed.
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Re: Torrent of LHM...

Post by Tinkley »

If you have a feed pipe broken it just p***** out and you can hear the pressure regulator going ape. The car will be unable to pump itself up. If it is a return, you should be able to pump it up, after refilling the reservoir and get in in jacks/blocks to investigate further. It might be feed/return to the height corrector as well so check this. You should be able to lever the car up high enough with some 3X2 over a suitable block - but be careful where you put pressure on the shell ie a support point or subframe mount.

Remember to rebleed the system with the pressure regulator screw after all is well again.

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Re: Torrent of LHM...

Post by electrokid »

Possibly the leg / ram itself rather than pipework. If it's an estate then the ID of the ram is larger but the OD is the same size as the hatchback so the ram wall is thinner and can corrode from the outside to the point where internal pressure just breaks through. Since the car is going to be difficult to move I suggest you find a mobile mechanic who will take on the job - getting it jacked up is possibly the least of your worries :(
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Re: Torrent of LHM...

Post by rutter123 »

Looking at the spread of spilt lhm i would be inclined to check the strut return pipes, the steel pipes that feed the rear brake calipers as these can corrode quite badly. Also check the sphere seals and the condition of the rear strut rams as pitting on the rams can lead to major leaks, if its nearside its unlikely to be the front to rear steel pipes.
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Re: Torrent of LHM...

Post by mat_fenwick »

Blind guess would be strut walls too, but once you can get it in the air and peer underneath it should be evident! You can jack up the rear of the car using the subframe, just inboard of the sills at the rear end. This is usually a better bet than the sills themselves. If only one side is jacked up, the link to the other side via the anti-roll bar will prevent the wheel from lowering, so both sides need to be raised.

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