The old rattle and clonk

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The old rattle and clonk

Post by kiwi »

I am assuming drop links? As the main cause of that distinctive rattle and clunk going over bumps etc.

Are they still available? And how easy are they to replace? Both the petrol BXs that not used much these days are starting to rattle a bit puts the missus off driving them and makes my passengers a bit
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Re: The old rattle and clonk

Post by Mothman »

They are easy to replace bud, if you use a grinder to cut them off as o found doing Gloria's earlier in the year. I just cut the top of the nut and that was it.


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Re: The old rattle and clonk

Post by Tinkley »

I would think your analysis is spot on - Droplinks. My old Athena even passed an MOT with them clonking!. Over here about 40 quid a pair, but watch the lengths, they seem to differ and may need the height corrector control on the anti roll bar altering to get similar ride height. Unlikely to get a catastrophic failure unless truly gone. Mothman is right about grinding the top part of them off if they refuse to be undone. Bottom nut will come off OK, just the top thread seems to get corroded. Worth wire brushing the thread before attempting to undo the top one which might play ball or not. I fitted a pair of First Line brand ones, these are available through Euro Carparts and AEP and possibly others over here.

Also worth checking the state of the wishbone bushes too. They just seem to perish and don't really clonk but not too hard to change and cheap. You will certainly notice the extra 'tightness' of changing them if they do need doing.

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Re: The old rattle and clonk

Post by KevR »

You can often confirm that it's drop links by getting a large friend to bounce the front corner of the car repeatedly until you find the right frequency to make it clunk, then just reach under and grab the drop link to see if the clunk stops. Did this last week - no noticeable play in the link when jacked up (because the play's held at bay by the ARB) but this test confirmed it was definitely a knackered drop link. Just ordered a pair from Evilbay - about 20 quid a pair so they're probably not going to last long....
I agree about the lengths - a while back I changed one and the handling went to cock - always trying to steer into the ditch. Turned out the replacement link was about 1cm longer than the original.... Now I always change them in pairs!
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Re: The old rattle and clonk

Post by rutter123 »

Bottom ball joint wear can determine the same clonk, worth checking too.
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