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bx spider

Post by greendale65 »

Hello all, Would the spider from a 16v in my shed
would this be the same on all bx cars.
Thanks all.
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Re: bx spider

Post by Mothman »

You mean Octopus? Are you planning to use an old one? Better you bought new, false economy not to do so as the rubber will be old and therefore likely to perish. These are still available from Citroen. There are differences between power and non power steering i believe.

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Re: bx spider

Post by BXImage »

Since changing an octopus is really a tricky task, only new one is a propper solution. There is a difference between power steering and non-power steeting octopus.

Power steering (part No. 96 030 258):

http://www.aussiefrogs.com/forum/attach ... 58-sml.jpg

Non-power steering (part No. 95 603 421):

http://www.aussiefrogs.com/forum/attach ... 21-sml.jpg

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Re: bx spider

Post by mds141 »

Unless it's actually an arachnid, that's taken up residence in his shed. :)
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Re: bx spider

Post by citronut »

maybe greendale65 is an anorak nee fob :roll: #-o

i'll get me coat

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