Cleaning the engine bay.

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Cleaning the engine bay.

Post by benifotrem1 »

Hello bx'ers.
I am now at the stage where I want to clean and detail my engine bay. I don't want to remove the engine, in fact I really don't want to remove anything.
My question is what is the best method? My engine bay is not very dirty due to having few miles. Just greasy near the LHM tank and near the battery tray.
I have thought about using polti vaporizer.
All suggestions greatly received.

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Re: Cleaning the engine bay.

Post by mds141 »

I use a product called 'Muc-Off', but any decent degreaser will do. Make sure you agitate the grease with a pared down paint brush and keep any electrical connections dry when you rinse off.
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Re: Cleaning the engine bay.

Post by Mothman »

Had mine steam cleaned. There is a guy next door to Malcolm's lock up in St Leonards who did it all for 15 quid. Saved a lot of time and bother. Maybe there's someone who can do this near you.


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Re: Cleaning the engine bay.

Post by Defender110 »

Steam cleaning a Diesel no problem, petrols can be a little problematic though with all the ignition getting soaked and car failing to start or run properly afterwards. Brake cleaner is about the best stuff out there fore cleaning petrol engines as any excess totally evaporates after a while.
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Re: Cleaning the engine bay.

Post by sdelasal »

A diesel can be sensitive to electrical problems, (corrosion, connectors hanging orr, maybe water), in the fuel cut-out solenoid circuit - those wires around and under the battery tray - as i recently discovered when the car cut out leaving me beside the road due to a loose connector :-(.

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Re: Cleaning the engine bay.

Post by KevR »

The other problem with steam cleaning is it tends to leave everything nice and clean - and ready to corrode.... Oil leaks are your friends!
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