Current crop of BXs on Ebay

Tell us about BXs you have spotted on the road, or BXs/parts spotted for sale including eBay finds.
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Current crop of BXs on Ebay

Post by djoptix »

Very optimistically priced E-reg mk2, looks like it's been dragged out of a canal. Has windows in the rear quarters though.; ... 3f48c616e2

Perhaps a bit optimistically priced 14TGE at £250, considering it has no MOT, but full of potential. ... 4192894d77

A few bits to sort but probably worth the money, I think. If only I didn't already have three...
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Tim Leech
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Re: Current crop of BXs on Ebay

Post by Tim Leech »

A very early 19DTR! But worth nowt. Even with a beige interior!
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Re: Current crop of BXs on Ebay

Post by Paul296 »

I tend to err on the other side of generous when it comes to BX prices but, bloody hell 500 quid for that!? The only thing you can't fault is his nerve (brown interior mind you 8) ). :)
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Philip Chidlow
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Re: Current crop of BXs on Ebay

Post by Philip Chidlow »

I reckon that's how my BX must've looked like a few weeks before I bought it :(
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Re: Current crop of BXs on Ebay

Post by kernowtim »

the white 1.9d flagged as scrapped with dvla!!

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ken newbold
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Re: Current crop of BXs on Ebay

Post by ken newbold »

Thats a bugger, I was just about to click the "buy it now" button :lol:
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Re: Current crop of BXs on Ebay

Post by demag »

Bloody hell Ken you were a bit slow there mate! :lol: :roll:

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Re: Current crop of BXs on Ebay

Post by Thread Bear »

Bit browned off on that one, myself. :lol:
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