BX 17TZD turbo triton green with A/C for sale.

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BX 17TZD turbo triton green with A/C for sale.

Post by DavidRutherford »

Hi all.... Long time no post I know.... as anyone who knows me away from the forum knows, my life is now very very busy, and internet forums is one of the things I just haven't the time for these days....

another thing I have no time available for is the TZD turbo... Anyone who has a decent memory may remeber this car.. it's the ex-mr. B and ex-marty tzd that I bought about 7 years ago and my landlord (when I lived in Dorset) used for about 18 months. He had the cambelt slip on him, and I recovered it.

I then rebuilt the head with new bits and pieces and generally fixed the engine. That was 5 years ago now and the car has not been driven on the road since. It has been driven about a bit here and there, but even now it still smokes a bit from the oil I liberally squirted everywhere while I was putting the head together.

In the last 5 years the body has deteriorated and bit, and the tyres are definitely past their best... two of them will no longer hold pressure. The only item actually missing is the glovebox as it was borrowed for another car.

However, the car is otherwise complete. It starts, runs, rises and drives ok, has fitted a/c, has a towbar, has very little corrosion (I repaired corrosion in the boot floor and a tiny bit on the sill with galv sheet about 4.5years ago and they're still good) It has colour coded wheels, a sunroof wind deflector and all manner of other bits and bobs that make it well worthwhile restoring. If I had the time, I recon a few days tinkering would see an MOT, and a few more days work would see it back to being a decent BX.

It is now located down in west sussex, in postcode area RH20 (where I now live). If anyone is interested in the car but cannot transport it, I have access to a Discovery and car transporter trailer and will happily deliver it for cost. I often now travel in the UK for work, so it might even be possible to deliver it when I'm already due to be travelling somewhere.

Given how much BX prices appear to have gone up in the 5 years I've been away from the forum, I'm looking for about £250. With a weeks work on the car I'm guessing it would be worth most of a grand. That said, offers are welcome and I just want it to go somewhere other than a scrappers. If I had the time I would do this all myself, but unfortunately I no longer have anywhere to work on a vehicle and no time to do so.

message me here, email me on buymybx@fastandfurryous.co.uk or phone/text on 07967 369148.

Also... hello everyone! *waves*
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Re: BX 17TZD turbo triton green with A/C for sale.

Post by Philip Chidlow »

Long time no hear indeed! I'm sure the car will find a home... A pic might help? Anyway trust you are well :)
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Re: BX 17TZD turbo triton green with A/C for sale.

Post by Tim Leech »

Good to hear from you david.
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