Not a BX! 1997 Xantia 1.9TD Estate for sale

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Not a BX! 1997 Xantia 1.9TD Estate for sale

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Not sure if anyone here will be interested, but I just accidentally acquired a silver Xantia estate, UK reg, right hand drive, from another ex-pat Brit over here in Normandy. Don't really need it, and haven't made up my mind whether to register it here and use it for a bit, or move it on. But of anyone's looking for a cheap Xantia workhorse it might make up my mind!

First reg Jan 1997. 135,000 miles, drives very nicely (except for a slightly juddery clutch on first pulling away - suspect a bit of contamination where it's been standing - and a lightly knocking bottom ball joint). Four new spheres, two recent front Klebers, recent exhaust. Bodywork all straight, couple of knocks on the bumpers and small scabs on the bonnet, but no obvious proper rust. Interior is usual baggy grey velour covering, but smells rather of dog. If I keep it I'll probably strip it out and replace with another interior from a scrapper.

No problem to deliver back to Portsmouth or Newhaven (cheaper) at some point (at cost) or come and get it (an hour from Cherbourg or Caen) and I'll throw in a cup of coffee! It has no tax or MoT though, so will need to be pre-booked for the latter if you're planning on driving it away. All a bit of a faff and if it was a saloon I wouldn't even bother suggesting it, but I know the estates are a bit more sought-after. And I only want £250 quid for it. I could get that for it for bits here but I'd rather see it saved.

If there's any interest I'll take some pics and post them.
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