Funny what you can do with computers these days

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Funny what you can do with computers these days

Post by Kitch »

A mate got bored and played with some old pics of my car:

Here we have the "squishy BX"

And the cartoon BX!

Personally I think he's got too much time on his hands......but pretty funny :lol:
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Post by Cornishbx16v »

haha! love the squishy one! loL!
Your right though, i think he does have too much time on his hands! lol!
(what program did he use and where cani get it??? hahaha!)

After all I AM CORNISH!!!!

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Post by Clogzz »


Save picture as ‘Windows picture and fax viewer’.
At bottom right of picture, click ‘closes this program and opens the image for editing’.
That takes you to the ‘paint box’.
At top, click ‘image’, then ‘stretch/skew’.
Enter required values for ‘horizontal’ and ‘vertical’.
If not happy with the result, click ‘edit’, and then ‘undo’.
When happy, click ‘file’, and ‘save as’, using a new name.
It’s very important to save with a new name, otherwise the original will be lost as the new size.
This one, I’ve called ‘30’, because I reduced the vertical size to 30%.
Have fun !
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