1983 16TRS manual (red) 17k miles - light resto needed

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1983 16TRS manual (red) 17k miles - light resto needed

Post by Kitch »

Pains me to do this as it's obviously an UBER rare BX over here, but I just don't have the space to keep it indoors. I don't want to leave it outside for the condition to get worse, as that's the main reason why it needs work now.

The facts:

A Nov '83 build, registered Feb '84 BX 16TRS. Manual gearbox, no-PAS (it doesn't need it with a steering wheel that size!) 17,502 miles showing on the clock. No paperwork with the car sadly, but I'm happy to put my neck on the line and state that it is original. There's so much evidence to suggest it, with things like the condition of the interior (seat fabric torn on the tight-pulled sections sadly, due to sunlight damage). The carpet's mint, the rear even has the cellophane still stuck to it. The way the doors shut, the way the interior panels line up - it's painfully original. It presented me with a bit of a dilemma, as I didn't want to fully rebuild it as I'd lose all that, so my plan was to partially restore it to roadworthy status. It's too far gone to leave it as 'patina', but it's not so bad that it needs the full rebuild. Doors are rotten (though I have spares), and scabs of rust around rear quarter panel. From what I've seen, it's all cosmetic - everything underneath looks pretty good, which is what you'd expect with the low mileage.
Been off the road since 2007 or there abouts (presumably due to LHM leak - the seller kindly neglected to inform me of that before it flooded my trailer with oil on attempting to pump it up)

Engine, gearbox etc....all good. Runs very sweetly. Hydraulics are an issue - it's got a major green blood leak. Could be rubber, could be HP line. Not sure, I was going to change it all as a matter of course. Obviously don't be a div here...the spheres will be shot etc. It's not a case of a quick paint, polish and MoT. It needs going through properly.

Everyone's seen the pics, no doubt. If you haven't and you're interested let me know and I'll get some.

I paid nothing for the car, but have spent £400 to date (including on a set of wheels with four nearly new Michelins). That's all I want back. It needs trailering, and it's currently propped up on wood to make moving it around easier.

Any (serious) enquiries, give me a shout. I'll need therapy when this goes, I've been looking for one for 10 years :(
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Re: 1983 16TRS manual (red) 17k miles - light resto needed

Post by Tim Leech »

A real opportunity! A plate rareness!

I can't or I would end up sleeping in it.
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