Converting clutch operation

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Converting clutch operation

Post by rutter123 »

I want to convert the clutch cable system on the gti to the cable/arm type from the ball and pin type, is this a somthing anyones done?
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Re: Converting clutch operation

Post by Tinkley »

I thought about it, but you need the bushes and the pin - which are actually available. They do not ironically last as well as the ball and pin or so I was informed by one bush seller I contacted. I stayed with the ball and pin, though finding a Valeo release bearing was interseting as all the kits seem to come with the 'wrong' one.... :wink:

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Re: Converting clutch operation

Post by Jaba »

Yep, just done it on my GTi. You will need the pivot and plastic bushes kit. Careful how you remove the ball, it is a push in splined fit into the box.

Then you need a clutch cable and the retaining fork part# 917204 for it on the top of the box.
I was hoping to fit the TD/16v clutch but found I would need a flywheel as well to do this so I stayed with the GTi clutch.
I am hoping for a lighter smoother clutch action.
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