Rising setting issue

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Rising setting issue

Post by haruko »


First post on here, I was wondering if someone here could shine some light on what is going on with our BX 1.9 TD Turbo Estate.

So we're finding that when you have it on medium hight it takes about 20-40 seconds for the rear to rise, but then it takes much longer for the front.

HOWEVER if I put it in a higher hight setting it goes up, then put it back down to a lower setting it will settle back down to the medium setting.

Any advice? We just spent $1k on repairs on getting a warrant of fitness and a new clutch cable so I'm hoping this is an easy fix

Thanks from NZ

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Re: Rising setting issue

Post by Tinkley »

It should rise on the front before the rear! At least it is getting to full height. Check the front struts are lubed and not creaky and stiff then just bleed the system. If it still persists it may be that the front ride height corrector needs replacing/repairing. Check the activation rod (from internal control) to it is not damaged as it may be not getting into the right setting, just near the front sub frame o/s. One other thing is of course sphere condition, how old/miles/Km have the front pair done? If in normal height mode you press down on the front wing is ther actually any suspension or is it rock hard?

\i'm sure others will add more expertise than I can on this

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Re: Rising setting issue

Post by Way2go »

The most likely cause is the linkages on the rods from the anti roll bar to the height corrector are dry and need cleaning and lubrication. It is unlikely to be affected by the height control lever as you have already indicated that this is working. Neither will the spheres cause this as they can be totally flat and the BX will still attain height.

The normally offending linkage coupling cannot be reached from above the engine but normally responds to a blast by 3in1 penetrant spray sprayed sideways on it through the wheel-arch aperture.
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Re: Rising setting issue

Post by Jaba »

I would first check the adjustment of the height control linkage in the normal height position as obviously the height correctors are working ok when opened fully.

The correct adjustments front and rear are shown in Haynes and are critical to correct operation.
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