Black 16V on Feeder Road Bristol

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Black 16V on Feeder Road Bristol

Post by hilarystone »

Much to my astonishment today I saw an H reg series 2 Black 16V on Feeder Road Bristol – was it anybody on here? I was in my C8 and hooted and waved and they waved back. As there are only about twenty or so 16Vs on the road and I have one they are really rather rare…
Hilary Stone
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Re: Black 16V on Feeder Road Bristol

Post by Way2go »

By geography and the car, sounds highly likely to have been "the Doc". ^^ ^^
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Re: Black 16V on Feeder Road Bristol

Post by Philip Chidlow »

Probably was! :)
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Re: Black 16V on Feeder Road Bristol

Post by themildbunch »

Yep - definitely Doc's.. his is an H... mine is a white E if you ever see it around....
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Re: Black 16V on Feeder Road Bristol

Post by docchevron »

twas I, I did wave, albeit somewhat after you tooted!
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