WANTED: Wheel bolts for speedlines

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WANTED: Wheel bolts for speedlines

Post by Pilau123 »

hi, have acquired a set of speedlines for my gti,has anyone got a set of wheel bolts going spare?

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Re: WANTED: Wheel bolts for speedlines

Post by ken newbold »

Might be 2 or 3 bolts in garage, I'll check later
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Re: WANTED: Wheel bolts for speedlines

Post by Jaba »

I have a set for sale. I am away until the end of the month though and can send them then if that suits you.
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Re: WANTED: Wheel bolts for speedlines

Post by rutter123 »

These are available on ebay for around £20 for 20 bolts, i got mine from STS a few years back, they ate 20mm longer than standard with a 60 degree angle on the shank i believe, if you can wait a few days i may be able to find more details as to exactly where they came from. Im sure i have 4 spare bolts somewhete if your desperate. My t/d has SL201 speedlines on it from a pug205gti 1.6, currently being refurbed in black with a polished outer rim and centre, look pretty good.
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