BX 17 Turbo Diesel in scrapyard..........

Tell us about BXs you have spotted on the road, or BXs/parts spotted for sale including eBay finds.
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BX 17 Turbo Diesel in scrapyard..........

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This might be of use to some of you BX'ers....

Whilst on scrapyard patrol this weekend I spotted a BX 17 Turbo diesel hatchback in Smiths of Bloxham.

This yard is located on the Adderbury to Bloxham road, and about 4 miles south of Banbury.

The car itself is silver with dark black velour interior, and the odeometer was showing 117K. It is located in the 'classic car department' so is likely to be there for a while yet.

The engine [apart from the alternator] and gearbox are still complete, all hydraulic components are still present, windscreen is smashed, wheels and tyres missing. There was serious rust in all the usual locations.

I removed the radiator, all of the coolant pipework, lockset, filler neck, glovebox door, and a few other interesting items.