BX's for sale

Advertise your car for sale here. No parts or eBay spots in here please.
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BX's for sale

Post by Pilau123 »

It is with great annoyance that I have to part with one of my BX's due to an unexpected LARGE bill on the house.

The cars is question are:-

1989 DTR hatch in white, only two owners, the first up until May this year when I acquired it.
Has done just under 85,000 miles and has ALL THE HISTORY FROM DAY ONE, hundreds of pieces of paperwork. It is not perfect (which BX is?) but would provide a good rolling resto or daily driver.
It has had a cam belt, service, waterpump, cam and crank shaft seals and a gearbox oil change in the last 3 months. Will be supplied with a new MOT.

1989 8v GTI in metalic grey, has done 125,000 miles has had a new clutch and new MOT a few weeks ago, some history and all but one of the previous MOTs. rairly for a BX of this vintage IT IS NOT ROTTEN. I've only had it a few weeks!

I'm working on the basis of one goes, one stays, just a case of which one goes first.

I'll put some pics up soon.

Sensible offers!
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Re: BX's for sale

Post by ken newbold »

I'd put a bid in on the diesel but in the last 5 days I've bought another Ulysse AND an 806 :o
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