TZD Turbo for sale

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TZD Turbo for sale

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My BX TZD Turbo is uo for sale as I need to shed vehicles.

It's a 1990 hatchback in metallic grey. It has done 133,800 (but slowly going up each day), has a full service history and 12 months MOT. Some of the paintwork has delaquarisation ( is there such a word?) issues and is patchy but the car is really solid with no visible rust. In fact the MOT man said he could find no rust. The spheres were replaced earlier this year along with the rear suspension bearings. The interior is clean although there is a split above the glovebox and a small crack in the plastic trim below the windscreen. The glovebox has one broken hinge but opens and closes fine.

There were 4 advisories at the MOT. Offside wishbone bush has play. Play in nearside antiroll bar ball joint. Rear tyres nealy worn. Damaged front number plate, needs a new wiper blade. Front discs a bit worn on the inside facings.

My 'Citroen man' said there was evidence of weeping, if not leaks from the bottom of the accumalator and rear height corrector but nothing serious.

The car drives very well, uses no oil and pulls strongly. I recently did 420 miles in a day and had no aches or pains. I monitor the fuel consumption and have been getting between 53 and 57 MPG, amazing for an old tech diesel. It has been completely reliable for me and feels like it will carry on for many thousands of miles yet.

I have various bits and pieces to go with it including the spot lights, a good back bumper, a battered front bumper (apparantly repairable) with the TZD chin spoiler attached (detacable and transferrable), an offside front wing, a spare parcel shelf (neither have speaker holes and both have blinds) some roof bars with bike carriers and various other bits and pieces).

Everything electrical inside works although the offside rear electric window is tempermental, I have 2 keys, the central locking works but there is no plip. It has the original radio/cassette which works and has the security code.

It's ready to be driven away. It's a bit tatty in places but rust free, solid and feels mechanically strong,

I've tried to be honest with description. It's a genuine good car and should last many years in the right hands. I'm looking for £1200.

You can always PM me for more information. I live in Suffolk.

I've had difficulty getting pictures on here but have some, taken today I can email.