Red phase 1 16v for sale

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Red phase 1 16v for sale

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...and realistically, this car is going nowhere with me. No point in hanging on to it and starting a new "now I'm going to sort it" thread every couple of years. Also, losing some of my storage space and I'm going to prioritise the track car project.

Has been stood for about 8 years, but on hard standing, so in surprisingly good condition. No doubt there will be rust issues to sort but the shell is not rotten.

About 90k on the clock. Starts on the button, rises etc. Good Monza interior, original grey 6j Speedlines. Currently part disassembled (interior is out but dash is still in), but everything is there. New discs and pads all round which will now be rusty but are unused, so clean them up and you'll have a full set. Tyres scrap but wheels are good. 6 digit reg which is probably worth at least £3-400 at current DVLA prices.

I would really, really rather it didn't get broken for parts. As far as I know, this is the only red RHD phase 1 16v left. I may still change my mind - this was the first car I bought with my heart not my head, and I will miss it terribly - but there's no point just letting it go to waste, which is what I fear will happen if I hang onto it.

No idea what to ask. Obviously it has no MOT and needs significant work, but 16vs are steadily going up and this has potential to be one of the best original cars out there. If I put it on car & classic I'll probably put £750, but PM me if you're interested.
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